What do I do in the event of an accident?

Here is a rundown of the things you should do in case of an accident.

  • Call the EnKahnz team immediately on 01274 735 999. We will recover your vehicle, call your insurers and take care of all the details.
  • Ensure you exchange details with all other parties involved in the accident, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle registrations, insurance companies and policy numbers.
  • If possible use your phone or a camera to take photos of the accident scene and / or any damage to your vehicle.
  • We will provide you with a full repair estimate for the damage to your car.
  • Our dedicated accident management specialists will arrange for your car to be repaired at our state-of-the-art repair facility.
  • We will deal with your insurance company and/or any third party on your behalf to settle the claim as quickly as possible.
  • We can provide you with a replacement vehicle should you need one.*
  • All you need to do is pay us any excess on your insurance policy and drive away your repaired car.*

What about my insurance company? Do I have to use the repairer my insurance company is recommending?

It is your legal right to choose which bodyshop repairs your car ­ you do not need to use your insurance company's recommended repairers. You simply need to call your insurance company to authorise us to speak to them on your behalf. We will then liaise with your insurers directly regarding your claim and help you to get it settled and get your back on the road as quickly as possible.

Depending on your case, we'll even pay your excess*.

How many estimates do I need?

Although insurance companies often ask for two estimates to process a claim, only one is usually required.

One of our team of accident management specialists can produce a repair estimate, while you wait.

Will I get a courtesy car?

Yes, we can provide you with a replacement vehicle should you need one, subject to availability and circumstances.*