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New Range Rover Vogue Full Barugzai Conversion


Out of the frying pan into the fire. The new Range Rover Barugzai N1 upgrade is one of the most glorious creations to come out of the Enkahnz body shop thus far.

Naveed Kahn Ceo and lead designer wanted to express style and class with a pinch of aggression and presence . And after months of hard work and dedication here she is.

Currently on sale and available right now.




EnKahnz Hosts The Second Ladies Training Event

EnKahnz, Bradford Councils Road Safety Team, The AA and West Yorkshire Police are preparing the second free Ladies Training Event, running through an induction to vehicle maintenance in the hopes to raise awareness for the importance of correct care and the impact it can have on road safety.

EnKahnz Ladies Training Night: 4

The free event took place on the 28th of July at 6pm and will, with real world advice not only from EnKahnz, but also from other experts in Bradford Council and the West Yorkshire Police. Food was provided by renowned local Indian cuisine restaurant Lahore Café Bar. The police will be running down the legal requirements after a road traffic accident has occurred. Representatives from Bradford’s Road Safety team will be on site to discuss how to stay safe while driving, both for the driver and the rest of the community.

EnKahnz Ladies Training Night: 2

The award wining Technicians from EnKahnz were on hand to give practical workshops, running over an introduction into vehicle maintenance. The workshops covered how to change a wheel, how to check tyre pressure, an explanation on warning lights, checking and topping up engine oil, window cleaning fluid, and coolant among other topics.

EnKahnz Ladies Training Night: 3

The event had a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the ladies involved to ask any questions and receive practical experience in how to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. After the success of the event, we are keen to get the next ladies night organized as soon as possible.

For more information on the event, or to enroll on the next training night call EnKahnz on 01274 735 999 or email

EnKahnz & Viva Palestina

Last year EnKahnz worked with Viva Palestina a charity that has two main aims, the provisions from the UK of food, medicine, essential goods and services needed by the civilian population of Palestine, and highlighting the causes and results of wars with a view to achieving peace.

We refurbished one of the vehicles being driven via a convoy to Gaza to be used as a emergency vehicle. We repaired and repainted all body work and provided a custom vinyl decal boosting awareness for the convoy.

Imran handing over the Keys to the newly refurbished Van

Imran with the rest of the Viva Palestina Team

We were featured in the local press thanks to our efforts to help Viva Palestina achieve its goal. To read the article, Click Here.

Phantom Update

Repairs have now started on the Phantom, more detailed updates will arive soon, so keep chicking the blog for more details.

Phantom Update

The first set of parts are here! We’re working hard to get this car back on the road.