Articles from January 2013

Accident Repair

We know times are hard , and with all this bad weather accidents do happen.
Enkahnz are here to help:

* pick up and drop off service available
* Curtesy car if needed
* We will pay your excess

Any job big or small we are your one stop shop, Let us do the hard work!!!!

Lamborghini Desk by Enkahnz

We’re really the only place that offers all the services a car-owner would require; we’re a one stop shop where everything is done in house. We offer a complete “experience”, we’re a charismatic and enthusiastic team and we love what we do. We always use high-end materials and our after-care services are second to none. My whole team and I are very hands on, no one is afraid to get their hands mucky to guarantee the very best for our customers.

New Range Rover Vogue Full Barugzai Conversion


Out of the frying pan into the fire. The new Range Rover Barugzai N1 upgrade is one of the most glorious creations to come out of the Enkahnz body shop thus far.

Naveed Kahn Ceo and lead designer wanted to express style and class with a pinch of aggression and presence . And after months of hard work and dedication here she is.

Currently on sale and available right now.