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Enkahnz is renowned across the globe The clientele list has built up from all across the globe and now, Naveed has the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names internationally and work directly with them, using the Enkahnz fitting service to get their cars perfect.
Enkahnz worldwide is a service provided to the international clients, calling out our chief fitters to oversee and execute our fitting service to their desired vehicles.
Since Barugzai and Enkahnz have partnered together and can now provide bodykits alongside their fitting service, Enkahnz can show the globe what vehicle customisation really is.
Enkahnz clientele extend from the sandy deserts of the Far East all the way to sunny Europe and further to the vast savannas of Africa. Enkahnz has truly come a long way and will continue to show the new definition of automotive styling.