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Keighley College, Naveed Khan’s Alma Mater, have come with a select few students down to the Enkahnz HQ to have a look at behind the scenes and hope to be inspired by Naveed, listening about the actions he took to become successful.
Personally giving a tour, Naveed escorts the students of Keighley College around his 20,000 ft square vehicle customisation boutique and an gives an insight on what being a vehicle body specialist is about. Naveed shows the students step by step the process behind in customising a vehicle, repairing vehicles damaged in an accident, the time and patience behind spray painting a vehicle and much more.

Naveed hopes to inspire students from there to take the route of motor vehicle repair. Naveed says that this trade is very open but a tradesmen with skill is rare to find and the way to find the right people is to invest time and effort with the next generation of motor vehicle specialists, making them masters of the trade.