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Passion is something that you develop from childhood and many of us never have the courage to bring that passion from childhood into reality as adults. Naveed Khan has always had a passion for cars and specifically working on car bodies and restoration which has been with him from a very early age.

After years of literally building kits from old bits of plastic in his father’s garage, Naveed left school to enrol on a vehicle motor body course to get all the relevant experience and certificates to take his passion and turn it into his daily grind. After working from his father’s garage for the initial years he went on to set up a fully equipped small unit from which he expanded into the current setup in Bradford and has been privileged to work on most of the world’s top car manufacturers and recognised for his work and attention to detail.


Enkahnz is UK’s leading accident repair centre and vehicle customization boutique. Founded in 2003 by the award-winning creative talent Naveed Khan who is driven by investing his artistic flair and surpassing skills into vehicle style and development and redefining the very concept of vehicle restoration and customisation.

Exceeding customer expectations is Enkahnz number one priority. Naveed’s passion for quality workmanship and intricate detail is something that is inculcated in all the Enkahnz team. Our mission is to offer the ultimate satisfaction by providing a full accident management & vehicle styling service for the discerning clientele who appreciate perfection to the last detail.

We have invested significantly to create one of the most technically advanced state-of-the-art workshops in the North of England. Using the best technology, award-winning technicians, manufacturer approved tools and equipment.

Substantial progression is constantly ongoing at Enkahnz, not only in our new branding and workshop facilities but in addition major new enhancements have been followed through to the exterior and interior, as well as further focus being highlighted to create the perfect environment for in-house designs. We are expanding nationally and moving our unique brand towards the limelight. We are not content unless we are pushing the limits.

We take pride in welcoming visitors to our facility and would encourage you to visit and appreciate how we are surpassing all industry
standards and setting our own benchmarks which attract the owners of the world’s finest marques.