To chose Signature, means you are making a bold decision. You are a person who appreciates style, who wants to be disruptive and to bring their high fashion lifestyle to the road. See the snapshots below of some of our previous satisfied clients. We can do the same for you, all it takes is your imagination, combined with our creativity.and expert knowledge. See more of what styling packages can do in Model Range










Selecting our ‘Black Badge’ means you are guaranteeing enrolment into our valued VIP members area. This is represented through the Signature badge, signifying the vehicle has been individually designed, crafted and fitted exclusively by Barugzai. This ensures our brand ethos of stringent quality control and the highest attention to detail has been met. The standard gold badge is placed on all our other body kits, representing that it has been supplied by Barugzai, but not fitted by our in-house team. Regardless of the badge type, you can be sure that with a Barugzai body kit, your vehicle will be bolder and will persaude people to follow where you lead.


To look the best, one must make an effort in their appearance. At Barugzai we are all about image, and just as a clothing tailor puts everything into making the perfect suit, we have all the expertise and tools at our disposal, to make sure your Signature Vehicle is tailored exactly to your tastes, personality and fashion style. See below for an overview of what we can offer to you, when you become an owner of one of our Signature Vehicles.


We specialise in transforming vehicles into a piece of unique automotive art that can’t be rivalled. From exterior to interior, all aspects of a vehicle can be customised, all it takes is imagination, passion and a knowledge in craftsmanship. We ensure individuals can change their vehicle, from subtle highlights to fully extravagant, stand out modifications. After an initial consultation with the in house design team, the project can commence. Following the discussion, the client’s desires and aspirations are gathered and understood and then manifested into their vision. The vehicle is then ready to enter our state of the art workshop where all work is cariried out by our multi-award winning in house technicians. From celebrities in the music and sport industries, to business enterpenuers around the world looking for that refining touch, many have already taken advantage of the unique workmanship and personal service that the Signature brand will offer.


Finding the right place to modify your vehicle is arguably as hard to finding the right tailor for your perfect suit. Here at Barugzai we are confident that coming to us for your dream build wil be the best investment you make for years to come. Using a combination of high quality materials , expert technicians and are thorough grounding of the cusotmisation trade our body kits will fit as good as OEM with the same attention to detail. From exterior styling options such as bumpers, side skirts and wheel arches, to enhanced performance upgrades in aerodynamics, your request as a Signature client is at the top of our priority.


Our specialist paint department can bring any colour to life with expert paint technicians and quality materials. We only use premium brands, such as Speis Heicker and House of Kolor paint. Respraying the full or feature aspects of your car can completely change the look of your vehicle, offering a unique permanent colour solution. All of which is necessary in channelling your fashion sense into our Singautre Vehicles.


Having a wide selection of the world’s finest quality materials, we are proud to supply everything from flooring and carpeting to seat cloth, exotic skins, Alcantara and supple leathers in a vast variety of colours and designs. We put as much attention to detail in the style and fashion of your vehicle, as we do to your comfort requirements. Our expert vehicle upholsterers guarantee to create the perfect finish every time.


We stock a wide range of alloy wheels to fit all makes and models of vehicles. We work along side some of the most desirable alloy wheel manufacturers to give a varied selection in styles all of wheels. Along side this, we can tailor your wheels to a specification, to ensure you wil be proud to ride on a set of unique alloy wheels. We use the same high quality paint used in our car colour changess. Want to stand out even further? As a Signature client nothing is too big of a task, and we can even use Swarovski Crystals to make a truly magnificent set of wheels.


Once your car has been customised by the Barugzai team, you are ready to take it to centre stage and show it off to the rest of the world. Tap in to the true potential of your vehicle and let other people admire the work of art we have created, envisioned by you.